1-Session (Couple)


One single session for a couple. Generally, we begin with the couple, we then break into individual intake sessions, and continue with a hybrid session of both individual + together segments (30 minute each). This can be also broken down per week if availability differs or other considerations need to be taken into account.

Depending on your goals and starting point, we will cover Inner Dialogue (Beliefs System), Needs, Boundaries, Communication and Shadow. Each person is different; therefore our plan, as well as our approach, will be based uniquely on what works best for your goals and starting point.

** Pay scale options available. Please reach out info@consciouslyrelating.com

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** Pay scale options available. Please reach out info@consciouslyrelating.com


Program Structure

• Intake Session + Goals Setting
• Discovery + Implementation Modules progression planned as a result of your goals and starting point
• Maintenance Plan (inside or outside of coaching per)


• Discovery: Needs & Boundaries
• Discovery: Core Beliefs, Core Wounds and Limiting Beliefs
• Discovery: Behavioral Coping and Defense Structures
• Discovery: Shadow and Your Partner
• Implementation: Needs & Boundaries
• Implementation: Reprogramming painful and limiting beliefs
• Implementation: Reprogramming painful and limiting coping behaviors (avoidance through: clinging, stonewalling, etc.)
• Implementation: Communication Tools

During this, there might be specific intentions such as: Conflict Resolution, Repairing Relationship(s), Reconnecting & Realigning with Self, Habit Building, etc.


*** If you’re just starting out, it is highly recommended to do twice a week or more. As life is dynamic and fast-paced, a lot can happen to set progress back if you engage with your coach and this work less than twice a week. Progress and results are a result of various factors, this being one of them. This is included for the 3 & 6 month programs.

Level 0-2 knowledge of Integrated Attachment Theory (IAT) and attachment styles, it is highly recommended to purchase the full 6-month program.


Knowledge Levels
  • Level 0: Has never heard of concept.
  • Level 1: Has heard of concept, but not investigated further than hearing about it in passing.
  • Level 2: Has looked into concept, but not tried it.
  • Level 3: Has tried concept for a short time.
  • Level 4: Has done some work, but needs guidance / got stuck along the way.
  • Level 5: Has done a lot of work and wants to focus on specific aspects, or do a maintenance / refresher plan.


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